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Carplay installation tutorial on Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Carplay installation tutorial on Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

interieur Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

We will see here in pictures how to install Apple Carplay on an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Required equipment: a T20, T30 torx screwdriver and a 10 mm socket.

Installation time: about 90 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
So we count the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the auxiliary cable, and a USB cable (no need to connect it if you use the device wirelessly).

For information, there are many elements to remove, it must be done carefully and cleanly, the plastics and other elements are quite fragile and sensitive. The best is to do it with 2 people if you are not used to it.


You have to start with the plastics along the lower center console.

Remove the first retaining screw.

This will give you access to the second upper part.

You have to slide it towards you to remove it.

A multitude of screws to remove.

Unclip the small cover under the wheel (joystick) which reveals 3 screws.

Don't forget to disconnect the plug from the connector of the electric vacuum.

This will allow you to access and gently unclip this part.

It is very long, you have to go to the front center speaker.

Another multitude of screws to remove.

Another plastic cover is present on the knob, it must be removed.

2 screws to unscrew.

This part is very important as it is the last step to remove the control panel. Unclip the plastic of the front central speaker and unscrew the 2 screws on the side.

Remove the cover.

Again 4 screws: 2 screws that hold the screen and 2 screws that hold the center console. Aston Martin likes screws, yes, yes :)

Finally, remove the center console while being careful to remove the multitude of connectors behind it.

The post is held by 4 screws (circled in red).

Quite a disassembly.

Finally, remove the post. If the set does not want to come out, disconnect it from the back first.


We disconnect the big power plug (the quadlock).

The video cable (LVDS IN) is also disconnected.

It is plugged directly into the socket. And the male plug of the kit is connected to the original set.

Don't forget to take the fiber out of the quadlock.

To reconnect it on the socket of the kit which will come itself to connect on the original post.


Press the BACK button for 2, 3 seconds on your wheel.

The menu will appear, select what you want to use: Apple Carplay, Android Auto or Mirror Link.

carplay android aston martin dbs

Here, we chose Apple Carplay on the DBS Superleggera.

apple carplay aston martin

Our module (used in this installation): Apple Carplay for Aston Martin DBS : CLICK HERE