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Carplay in the BMW 7 Series

Carplay in the BMW 7 Series

carplay bmw série 7

Having Carplay in your BMW 7 Series is the solution to better enjoy your vehicle. Carplay ensures that you can really concentrate on driving while still using your phone. What is it really? How to enjoy Carplay in your BMW 7 Series? This article tells you everything you need to know.


It's a sophisticated tool that makes life behind the wheel of your BMW 7 Series easier. With Carplay, there's no question of being distracted by your phone. We're often used to using our smartphones while driving. In fact, some of the applications on it have become essential to our tracking. WhatsApp Business, for example, has become indispensable in the intercommunication with our customers. Thus, we often find it difficult to part with it in order not to lose people.

However, this habit of using the phone while driving is not recommended at all. It is the cause of many undesirable situations. And that's where Carplay comes in. It gives you full access to your iPhone while you're driving. Simply put, Carplay is a safer way to use your phone while driving.



This device is very convenient to taste the pleasures of autonomous driving. Carplay is your co-pilot during your various trips. It provides you with navigation maps, informs you about traffic and helps you perform certain actions in your BMW 7 Series. As advantages of Carplay, we can distinguish:

  • The ability to make calls at any time;
  • Playback of your multimedia content;
  • Access to your favorite iPhone applications;
  • Simplified use thanks to the voice command.


Your BMW 7 Series is not equipped with Apple Carplay. So you'll have to install it. You don't have to go through the trouble of installing it. The Apple Carplay module for your BMW is Plug & Play. So you'll put it in the car and you'll have access to Carplay in your BMW 7 Series. All you have to do is connect Carplay to your iPhone to complete the installation. So how do you do it?

To do this, you should have at least a 5th generation iPhone at your disposal (Carplay only works on phones with at least iOS 7.1). If you are within the standard, please power up your BMW 7 Series and then establish the connection between your iPhone and the BMW 7 Series. There are two choices for this.

1st choice: connection via USB

Connect your iPhone to the USB port of the Apple Carplay module installed in your BMW 7 Series. It is recommended to use a quality cable certified by Apple.

2nd choice: the wireless connection

Once you are sure that you have turned on the Wifi mode on your device, search the BMW's Carplay module using Bluetooth. Indeed, we are talking about a double connection here (Wifi + Bluetooth) Among the list of displayed devices, make sure to select yours. A connection icon will appear on the screen. And that's all! Carplay is now installed in your BMW 7 Series.

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