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Carplay installation tutorial on Audi A7

Carplay installation tutorial on Audi A7

installation Carplay audi a7

We will see here in pictures how Apple Carplay is installed on an Audi A7, similar to the A6.

Required hardware: a ratchet with an 8" end cap.

Installation time: 30-40 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
This includes the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the sound cable, and a USB cable (do not plug it in if using the wireless device).


See the Audi SQ5 tutorial : here

Why remove the glove compartment? Only so we can hide the module. There's room in the back.


autoradio mmi audi a7

démonter poste mmi

The air conditioning control is not screwed in, just gently unclip it.

démonter commande de climatisation audi

démontage commande de climatisation audi

Remove the 2 connectors present

gateway audi a7

Remove the main plug from the air conditioning control.

démonter poste audi a6 a7

Unscrew the bracket.

démonter poste mmi audi a7

Carefully remove the car radio. On some models, one cable on each side has to be removed.

quadlock audi a7

Remove the gray original video jack and the large power plug from the radio (Quadlock).


branchement Carplay

Connect the video IN and OUT jacks to the Carplay module this way.

branchement video carplay

Reconnect the pink video cable to the original grey connector.
Connect the power connector of the car radio.
Connect the blue MMI cable (so you can use the MMI buttons when navigating the Carplay) to the yellow and white cable.

branchement son carplay

Plug in the green sound connector.

branchement clim carplay

Connect the air conditioning module bridge.

branchement micro carplay

(Optional) The microphone (for Siri use) can be installed under the steering wheel, it is discreet and functional.

Reassemble the car radio and glove box and enjoy the carplay by pressing the NAVI key.


menu de sélection carplay Audi

You can test by pressing the NAV button on the steering wheel for 2-3 seconds to switch to the Carplay interface.

Carplay audi a6 a7

Module link: HERE

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