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Carplay iOS 14

Carplay  iOS 14

iOS 14 could bring CarPlay wallpapers, more Maps improvements

Everything new coming to CarPlay with iOS 14

iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever. It also brings a wide variety of changes to vehicles, all through a simple update to their phones.

Apple’s latest iOS14 software that was unveiled at WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference) features a host of additional features as well as updates to the iPhone and other Apple products. In terms of cars, it now has a new car key feature. Aside from that, iOS 14 also features a variety of updates for CarPlay. We'll take a closer look at them:


With iOS 14, CarPlay users will be able to add a wallpaper to the CarPlay dashboard and home screen, giving the interface a fresh look and more customization options.

New Third-Party Categories

CarPlay will be compatible with third-party parking, EV charging, and quick food-ordering apps. For more accessibility, app developers will get access to a variety of tools and templates to help provide a personalized way to use an iPhone in the car.

Japanese and Chinese Keyboard Support

iOS14 for CarPlay will now support Chinese and Japanese keyboards, thereby improving the usability of the technology.

More Siri Options

CarPlay users will get additional Siri features to play with. This includes the option of creating your own audio messages or replying to an audio message using CarPlay. The other addition is more of a safety feature as you can ask Siri to share your ETA with friends or loved ones to keep them up to date about your status.

New Horizontal Status Bar

For those that have portrait screens layouts on their car, you can now have the status bar displayed on the bottom of the CarPlay screen to allow for wider app views and a more natural layout.

Developer API Enhancements And Other Updates

App developers now get more tools to customize their audio, messaging, or VoIP apps functioning in CarPlay. Aside from this, messaging and VoIP apps can now show lists of past conversations or contacts, and audio apps can show album art within lists for easy access to content.

There’s no specific date as to when Apple will officially roll out the iOS14 software, but it is likely to happen in September 2020 like always. 

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