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Carplay retrofit for Porsche

Carplay retrofit for Porsche

Carplay porsche

Carplay is an application that allows you to concentrate on the road. It's a fashion tool that is basically installed in the latest generation of vehicles. However, if you have a Porsche, for example, it is indeed possible to enjoy Apple Carplay thanks to the retrofit. How does it work? What do you have to do? Don't worry about it. Find out in this article everything you need to know to get through it.


If you have the irresistible urge to always be tapping away on your phone, Carplay is a platform that can be installed in a car, to replicate your smartphone screen directly on the dashboard. The principle is simple: you have access to the main features of your iPhone from your car. This allows you to stay attentive while driving and thus, avoid accidents. Among the features offered by Carplay, we can distinguish among others:

  • Full access to your phone;
  • The possibility to talk with your friends and family while driving;
  • The means to be entertained by listening to multimedia content in all serenity;
  • The control via the camera;

And the best part is that you don't even have to touch your screen before enjoying these benefits. Just turn on the voice command and you're done.


Apple Carplay is a tool that is designed to suit vehicle models with a modern configuration. Thus, the person who has a Porsche of 2010, for example, can not directly enjoy this original application, which is very annoying. To overcome this problem, the developers have found a way to make Carplay usable on older versions of Porsche cars. All you have to do is to retrofit Carplay. In short, retrofitting Carplay is the installation of a module that allows access to all the features of Apple Carplay in previous Porsche models.


To begin with, you should find out the model of your Porsche. Carplay is most often available for Porsches with a head unit labeled PCM3.1 or any later version such as PCM 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. These include: Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan, Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayman, Porsche Boxster, etc. The Carplay retrofit decoder must be installed by a professional, as the PCM car radio of your Porsche must be removed and the new device placed on it. After that, you are ready to use Carplay.

In order to use Carplay in your Porsche, you'll need to connect your iPhone to the car's dashboard via wireless connection or via USB, whichever you prefer. For a wireless connection, you will only need to activate your Wifi and connect to the Carplay bluetooth device, it's a dual connection. Once the connection is effective, you just have to start using your device.

In summary, the Carplay retrofit is THE best alternative to modernize the driving of your Porsche. So don't hesitate to install it in your vehicle to avoid losing points on your driver's license.