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Apple Carplay in a Citroën C5

Apple Carplay in a Citroën C5

carplay citroen c5

Technology evolves over time. And some actions that were once impossible are now possible. Carplay is a solution to be both driving and using the cell phone. What is it really about? And how do you get it into a Citroën C5? The answer can be found in the following lines of this article.


Since their advent, automobiles have provided us with good services. They allow us to do our different errands with more comfort and speed. But, the more time passes and the more the needs of the human being increase. Indeed, the smartphone has become our best companion in all circumstances. We put it at the heart of all our achievements. Yes, it's very common to see people behind the wheel with their iPhone. Let's agree on this: it's a very bad habit! Using your cell phone while driving distracts you and can be the cause of your misfortune (traffic accident, arrest, etc.). Carplay comes to answer more exactly to this need. With it, there is no need to complicate your life at the wheel. It's the co-pilot you need. In addition to the autonomous driving you love so much, Carplay will offer you a safer way to use your cell phone while staying focused on your destination.


Apple Carplay will broadcast the screen of your phone on the display interface of the Citroën C5. This gives you the ability to:

  • Make phone calls without interruption;
  • Send and receive messages to and from your contacts;
  • Search the web;
  • Maintain business visibility by staying in touch with your customers via WhatsApp Business;
  • Follow navigation plans;
  • Use your iPhone applications;
  • Entertain yourself with good music or uplifting podcasts;
  • Use Siri voice command.

As you can see, Carplay offers outstanding infotainment while keeping you from changing your habits.


carplay c5

You should first install the Apple Carplay module in the vehicle. This installation is very quick. All you have to do is use the connectors on the device to do it. The module is Plug & Play, which makes it easy for you. After that, all you have to do is connect your smartphone to the Apple Carplay module interface.

Of course, our modules are also fully compatible with Android Auto and Mirror Link technology.

Connect the iPhone to the Apple Carplay decoder of your Citroën C5

This connection is only feasible if you have at least an iPhone 5. Carplay does not support smartphones with a version prior to iOS 7.1. The connection is done in two steps. You have to distinguish between the USB connection and the wireless one. In the first step, you are called to connect the smartphone to the USB socket of the Apple Carplay module. For the second possibility, you just need to establish a connection between your device and the Carplay decoder via Bluetooth. In either case, an icon will appear on the screen and you can start using Carplay in your Citroën C5.