Installing Carplay in a BMW F10

Installing Carplay in a BMW F10

carplay bmw f10

It is very important to be clear-headed when driving our vehicle. It prevents us from many unfortunate situations. Carplay is an application that allows you to concentrate on your driving without getting distracted. Installing it in your BMW F10 5 series will be very useful. So how do you go about it? Find out in this article everything you need to do so.


It is important to remember that Apple Carplay is a tool that makes it possible to use your smartphone while driving your vehicle. Indeed, due to the multiple functionalities of iPhones, it is becoming more and more difficult to part with them. Even when you drive your BMW F10, you need to consult your smartphone. Carplay offers you the solution to enjoy both your phone and a controlled driving experience. This platform will directly reproduce the screen of your iPhone on the display panel of the BMW F10. As a result, you'll have faster access to your favorite applications while keeping your focus on your destination.


With Carplay, it's more comfort in your vehicle. You'll benefit from a host of features from your driver's seat. Among these features, we must distinguish among others:

  • Stay in touch with your loved ones;
  • Exchange messages with your contacts;
  • Make video calls via your favorite applications;
  • Control traffic by following navigation maps;
  • Take advantage of the main features of your iPhone by using your voice;
  • Control your Homekit and many other devices;
  • Play music, podcasts and other multimedia content;
  • Record photos and videos using the camera access.

As you may have guessed, Apple Carplay is the best way to enjoy autonomous driving while getting the most out of your infotainment.


The process of installing Apple Carplay in a BMW F10 is very basic. You just have to do it the right way and it's done. To begin with, you should have at least a 5th generation iPhone in your possession. Apple Carplay requires iOS 7.1 or higher before it works. Also, you need to be in a region where Carplay is functional since this wonder is not yet available in all countries. Then, have the Carplay box placed in your BMW F10 (it is recommended to call a specialist to do this). Then connect your iPhone to Carplay by following the steps below:

Connect Carplay to your iPhone via USB

In this 1st case, you will connect your iPhone to the USB socket of the Carplay kit provided. The same goes for Android Auto smartphones, of course. Once connected, Apple Carplay will automatically launch on your original BMW screen.

Connect Carplay to your iPhone via Bluetooth

In the second case, you will have to set the Bluetooth mode on your iPhone. Once done, pair the iPhone and Apple Carplay by selecting your phone from the list of available devices on the on-board display.


Apple Carplay will be added in your BMW F10 as an additional option. So, to take advantage of the Carplay features, use the voice command or press the iDrive button on the BMW F10. For your information, you will still have full access to your original menu and be able to consult the vehicle settings, maintenance, radio,... You simply switch between Carplay and the original menu with the MENU button of your idrive joystick by long press 2-3 seconds. The Carplay menu will already be displayed and you just have to do whatever you want.

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