Carplay wired VS wireless

Carplay wired VS wireless

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A lot is happening in the automotive industry these days. Technology promotes the progress of this sector through its ingenious works. With systems designed to make traffic easier for users, many companies are contributing to the enjoyment of human life. One example is the Carplay wired and Carplay wireless applications. In this article, you will discover the particularities or differences of these two great systems.


It is worth mentioning that Carplay is the insertion of the iOS of the giant American brand Apple in cars. It is a system that can be used in a vehicle, on the screen located in the middle of the center console. It allows you to make calls, use GPS, send messages, listen to recorded or streaming music.

Much like Opel's IntelliLink system, Carplay is an extension of the smartphone on a vehicle screen. Since it cannot function without it and also requires a wired connection to the device.

However, it relies on dedicated applications whose use has been redesigned for driving. Therefore, we must understand by wired Carplay, the use of a device under iOS equipped with a Lightning connector.


It should be noted that Apple Carplay has improved its system over time. Normally, the first system requires a USB cable connection between the iPhone and the receiver. No Bluetooth connection and other wireless data transfer methods are possible.

However, thanks to the will of the quest for perfection, the brand produces something more thoughtful. Indeed, with the wireless digital media receiver, the process of using the application becomes less complicated. The wireless receiver doesn't have a CD player, but it still has a built-in Wi-Fi network that it uses in combination with Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone.

When you finish the initial setup and pairing with your phone, you can launch Carplay on the stereo without even touching your phone once you're in your vehicle.

Wireless Carplay, with automated pairing, means you could leave your phone in your pocket or armrest the whole trip, and still be able to access your messages, maps, songs, podcasts through your stereo.


A side feature of Carplay is to systematically recharge the smartphone on each trip if you use the wired connection. Indeed, while plugged into the USB port of the vehicle, the phone is continuously recharged. This is especially convenient when using an application such as navigation.

On the other hand, with Carplay wireless, the data transfer between the iPhone and the receiver should occur via Bluetooth, Wifi, a combination of both. Bluetooth should work for displaying incoming messages, album art, playlists and songs from iPhone. Maps, on the other hand, will require something stronger, and that's Wifi. It must be said that this is one of the great advantages of using Apple Carplay.

For those who have the original Apple Carplay installed in their vehicle and it is wired, we can bring you the solution with our wireless Carplay adapter that allows you to convert the wired signal to wireless. Fast delivery!

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