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Carplay in Australia

Carplay in Australia

The world of cars has become a completely in-car multimedia world. The Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems integrated in vehicles are really no longer a secret to anyone. On the contrary, it is something that enthusiasts of the works of technology are eager to discover. With the benefits of Carplay, many countries around the world are finding pleasure in this area. Discover Carplay in Australia.

What are the advantages of using Carplay?

It is important to remember that Carplay is a system designed by the American giant Apple to facilitate driving for motorists. It is therefore an application that has enormous advantages, especially in terms of safety. The use of this application is really very simple.

The first thing to check is whether your vehicle is compatible with the system. Carplay is compatible with more than 500 vehicle models today, and continues to expand its compatibility day by day. However, the first step to benefit from its services is to check compatibility. If your vehicle meets this requirement, all you have to do is install the Carplay application.

You connect your iPhone to your dashboard via a wired or Bluetooth connection. With this application, you can make and receive phone calls. Also, to send and receive messages. It is possible to use GPS assistance (Map, Waze etc.).

The system also allows you to listen to music or audiobooks, consult and manage your calendar. Siri helps the driver in all these daily tasks directly from the dashboard. The application even executes your voice requests via Siri.

All you have to do is press the voice connection button on the steering wheel and ask Siri to select your contact and call her. As for your messages, texts and SMS, Carplay assists you in recording them in full and sending them to your correspondent.

If you're a music lover while driving, Apple Music, by subscription of course, puts your favorite songs, singers and bands at your disposal. It's like living in a world of paradise while driving.

Is the Carplay application already present in Australia?

The Apple Carplay system is present in more than 30 countries around the world, including Australia. If this application remains discreet or less known in some countries, it is already part of the daily life of the Australian population.

For example, these mini-applications that can be launched by scanning a QR code or by approaching an NFC tag with your iPhone are already used in the contact tracking system in the State of Victoria. A proof to show how Australians are at the forefront of technological advances.

As for Carplay, the system is now compatible with various vehicle models in the country. It should be remembered that this system is available for a limited number of iOS devices in a limited number of countries too. This can make people lack experience in using it.

However, with other subsidiary apps like InCar, the Carplay system is better understood and even used by the inexperienced. Carplay remains a better assistant for many drivers in Australia.

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