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What's new in iOS 15 on CarPlay

What's new in iOS 15 on CarPlay

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This fall, Apple will also update CarPlay with iOS 15. Many features will be coming, including wallpapers, Siri notifications, and more. Let's find out about the new iOS 15 on CarPlay together.


Among the new iOS 15 on CarPlay, drivers will have at their disposal new wallpapers to dress up the dashboard.

Apple will offer us four new wallpapers to change the design of the dashboard. They will be available in dark and light modes.


With the iOS 15 update on Apple CarPlay, the voice assistant Siri will be able to read notifications in AirPods. Note that it is currently possible to use Siri to read aloud a written message that we have just received or announce the name of the person trying to call us.

In order for Siri to be able to read the messages received, it is sufficient to activate the "Announce messages" function. Thus, the driver remains more focused on the road.


With the iOS 15 update, Driving Focus mode will be welcome on our vehicles. It is an increasingly interesting feature on board.

It is possible to activate the mode once in the vehicle. In this way, the iPhone will send a message to people who are trying to reach you to indicate that you are driving and cannot be reached at the moment.

It is also possible to customize the said mode according to your needs.


Maps is among the most used apps on Apple CarPlay. With the upcoming update, drivers will get a brand new, much more comprehensive 3D view in Maps. The feature will be available in the United States. For now, Apple Plans + is not for France.

On Maps, the dark mode on Maps will be improved, which will give a better visibility of the map. However, it should be noted that analysts indicate that the improvements to Plans may only concern US cities.