Configure the Coyote application on CarPlay

Configure the Coyote application on CarPlay

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Coyote is among the most used applications on CarPlay. Note that the app is integrated on more than 400 models of cars compatible with the in-car system of Apple.

On Coyote, the user has access to several information, including:

  • Real-time alerts;
  • The current speed ;
  • Speed limit;
  • Navigation information, etc.

But how to properly configure Coyote on CarPlay? We will take a look.


In 2019, Coyote finally became compatible with Apple CarPlay. This means drivers can enjoy all the app's features on the car screen.

To set up Coyote on CarPlay, you need to download the app and install it on your iPhone. In addition, it is essential to have a vehicle that is compatible with Apple's in-car system.

Once the app is installed on the iPhone and the iPhone is connected to the vehicle's screen, Coyote automatically appears on the dashboard and can be easily used.

It should be noted that Coyote is based on Here maps. Thus, the driver benefits from a 3D navigation and displays the traffic in real time, etc.

To use the app on Android Auto, it is essential to use MirrorLink or AppinCar.


In addition to displaying the speed limit and current speed, Coyote allows the driver to access the "scout" bar and a button to report a "temporary danger zone" or disturbance to the community.

Coyote helps drivers avoid being flashed on the road by sending them more reliable and visible alerts. That's why so many people use Coyote in their vehicles.

As a reminder, it is essential to subscribe to the "Extend" package to use Coyote on CarPlay. The price is 9.99 euros per month, knowing that it is possible to benefit from a 30-day trial period. The basic package costs 5.99 euros per month, but it does not have CarPlay.

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