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Difference between PCM 3.1 and CDR-31

Difference between PCM 3.1 and CDR-31

What is Apple Carplay?

With Apple CarPlay, you can use the apps of your iPhone even when you’re on the move – with Apple voice control Siri for example.

CarPlay makes it easy for iPhone users to access apps like Phone, Maps and Messages via their car’s own touchscreen dashboard display, working much like Android Auto does for Android users.

CarPlay apps from Apple and third-party developers are redesigned so that they are safe to use while driving. This often means their user interfaces are simplified, with less text and fewer icons to distract you from the road ahead. Instead, Siri is used by many CarPlay apps – for example, to read out incoming iMessages, and dictate your replies.

What is the difference between PCM 3.1 and CDR-31 for Porsche?

  1. Apple Carplay for Porsche PCM 3.1

    This Wireless Apple Carplay kit to fit Porsche vehicles equipped with PCM 3.1 will bring a new dimension to your driving experience. This kit allows you to retain the factory fitted display screen in your car. You will need to open your original PCM unit to attach an extra PCB board (necessary for CarPlay visual display).

    PCM 3.1 system is with navigation.

    • Full wireless CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later.
    • Full wireless/wired Android Auto functionality for compatible Android phone models.
    • Screen mirroring function for iPhone and Android phones.
    • Original car features/displays are retained
    • Voice control via Siri
    • Allows aftermarket front/rear/360 camera input.
    • Play music from your favourite phone apps. Sound comes out from your factory stereo system via AUX input.
    • Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation/live traffic notification, Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps etc. 
    • Allows handsfree calling and messaging via Siri

    Activation via original NAVI button:

    Compatible models:
     _Porsche 911 Carrera: 2012-2013
     _Porsche 911 Carrera: 2014-2016
     _Porsche 991: 2012-2013
     _Porsche 991: 2014-2016
     _Porsche Boxter: 2012-2016
     _Porsche Cayenne: 2011-2016
     _Porsche Cayman: 2012-2016
     _Porsche Macan: 2014-2016
     _Porsche Panamera: 2010-2013
     _Porsche Panamera: 2014-2016

    You can find this module by clicking HERE

    Wireless Apple CarPlay | Android Auto Retrofit Kit | Porsche Macan Cayenne  Panamera

  2. Apple Carplay for Porsche CDR-31

    Newest Wireless Apple CarPlay kit to fit Porsche vehicles compatible for Apple and Android phones with Bluetooth function.

    You can control this CarPlay kit via the original CDR-31 touch screen and via voice control (Siri). Complete Apple CarPlay retrofit into the Porsche system without change nor removal anything from the vehicle. Simply connect your iPhone to the USB port and you can start using CarPlay.

    CDR31 radio system is without navigation.

    • Carplay control via original PCM31 touch screen
    • Carplay control via voice (Siri)
    • Carplay navigation apps like; Google maps, TomTom & Waze
    • Carplay music apps like; Spotify, Podcast, Music
    • Making phone calls and listening to your messengers
    • Rear camera input
    • AV input
    • Steering wheel button support
    • PCM button support


    Compatible models: 

    _Porsche 911 Carrera: 2014-2016
    _Porsche 991: 2012-2016
    _Porsche Boxter: 2012-2016
    _Porsche Cayenne: 2011-2016
    _Porsche Panamera: 2010-2016

    You can find this module by clicking HERE

    Activation via original NAVI button: