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How to install CarPlay in a BMW?

How to install CarPlay in a BMW?

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In a BMW, there's nothing better than having Apple CarPlay, especially if the driver has an iPhone and is used to using it. So how do you install CarPlay in a BMW? How to benefit from all the features offered by this system? We will take a look!


In some cars of the BMW brand, Apple CarPlay is installed as standard in the car radio of the vehicle. In this case, the driver just needs to check whether the system is activated or not by the manufacturer. If it is not, he/she can contact our team to order an activation.

The Carplay activation for BMW is available here.

Once the activation is done, simply connect the iPhone via a USB cable or a wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). There are no cables to cut!

To configure CarPlay, there are a few things to do:

  • Activate the voice assistant "Siri" on your iPhone;
  • Make the connection between the iPhone and the vehicle (via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth);
  • Follow the configuration wizard;


Your BMW is not compatible with CarPlay? Don't panic! There is an easy and inexpensive way to benefit from the features available on this system developed by Apple. All you have to do is install a CarPlay module. But what exactly is it?

The CarPlay module is a small device that is installed on the radio of the BMW. The installation is done in a few minutes. Once the installation is done, you just have to launch the application on the car radio, connect the iPhone and that's it.

Thecarplayer.com offers a CarPlay module of better quality. For the price, we defy all competition. For the installation, there are dozens of tutorials on our site. Besides CarPlay, our module also allows you to use Android Auto and Mirror Link.

If the budget allows it, it is also possible to change the car radio installed directly at your BMW dealer by opting for a model compatible with CarPlay technology.

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