Mbux Mercedes and Carplay

Mbux Mercedes and Carplay

mbux carplay

Today, CarPlay has no restrictions when it comes to driving entertainment. Available on the new Mercedes Mbux, you will experience new emotions with its apps and features. You are about to discover more about the connection between CarPlay and the Mercedes Mbux.


The German manufacturer is in always in the flame of innovations, always seeking to make the driver comfortable. Since the introduction of the MBUX A-Class 2019, it started offering a wireless CarPlay connection from the iPhone to the car. Thus, from the touch screen of your Mercedes, you have access to all the applications of Apple's iOS.

By the way, all cars in Germany are now connected to this wireless service from Apple. With the Mercedes MBUX model, ergonomics is really in order. The manufacturer has integrated a voice assistant that is completely different from Siri and allows you to move from one feature to another. No need to connect your iPhone via a cable to your car.


carplay mbux mercedes benz

If you've already been seduced by the Mercedes Mbux model, you're not out of the woods yet. You'll be even more amazed by the facilities offered by CarPlay while driving. Whether it's Waze, Siri, Google Maps, Deezer or Spotify, they're right there on your dashboard. So, from the comfort of your steering wheel, you can make calls without touching your smartphone.

Also, with Google Maps, you are informed about your location and can enjoy a fairly relaxed traffic. For the rest, you have everything to entertain you. The best radio applications and podcasts are accessible from the edge of your dashboard. From the Apple Carplay module, you can even send and receive messages. If you have a compatible garage door opener, ask Siri to open the garage as soon as you get home. In short, you have a fully compatible control between Mbux Mercedes and Carplay.


You won't be able to enjoy the features of Apple Carplay without going through the installation process. Above all, you don't have to worry about anything, the NTG Mbux Mercedes Apple Carplay module installs quite easily. What's more, you'll see the module integrate with your car as if it were the original option.

The process is quite simple. You just have to connect the connectors of the mobile to the ones of your car and you're done. In principle, the Carplay module usually comes to you with the chassis number of your Mercedes. In practice, you need to activate your car's voice control while keeping the wireless mode activated. Alternatively, you can turn on your Bluetooth from your car radio. Next, go to the "Settings" tab on your iPhone. Then click on General and then CarPlay. You will read "available cars", click on it and you will see the name of your vehicle and its VIN displayed. Just press the "confirm" button to start the installation. In a few minutes, you will get the notification of the Mercedes Mbux and CarPlay connection by the voice assistant

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