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Should you get Apple CarPlay or Android auto in a Porsche

Should you get Apple CarPlay or Android auto in a Porsche

The Porsche is a luxury car. It deserves special treatment. With the evolution of technology, it is possible to use the features of your phone while driving. And for people who need to be in constant contact with others, operating systems designed to integrate with cars are a great help. Among these systems are the Apple CarPlay system or the Android Auto system. Which one would be more suitable for a Porsche?


Apple Carplay Porsche

It is an embedded version of iOS for vehicles. It is generally easy to install and use. The management platform is very ergonomic and matches 100% the rendering obtained on your iPhone. After connecting your iPhone to the system, it is possible to access all your applications. You will be able to listen to music thanks to Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music.

All of your audio books will also be within your reach. It will also be possible to send and receive messages, but also to make calls and all of this is completely  safe thanks to the voice command. The voice command is managed by Siri, the voice assistant of Apple. All these features are accessible from your dashboard.

The installation of the module is simple but it should preferably be done by a professional. However, an installation video is usually provided with the module to allow a novice to install it. This video simply illustrates the various connections between your vehicle and the Apple CarPlay module. This module also allows you to install the rearview camera if your vehicle did not have one before.


Android auto Porsche

It is a version of the Android mobile operating system that has been designed to be integrated into the vehicle dashboard. By connecting your smartphone or tablet to the Android car system, you will be able to manage all the features available on your smartphone through the dashboard of your car. The main functionality available is GPS navigation through Google Maps.

You can also access your music through different applications available for download. Messaging and calls are not excluded. Thanks to a voice command you will be able to manage all its features safely. The Android Auto system also offers you the possibility to browse the internet. To have other features on your system, you just need to download applications on your smartphone. By connecting it to your car, you will be able to use all your applications while driving.

Connecting your smartphone to the system can be done via Bluetooth or with a USB cable. After connection, the screen of your smartphone moves to your dashboard and you will have access to all the features.


The choice between these two systems may seem difficult. But it's pretty simple. Both systems offer almost the same advantages and functionality. Both systems are also suitable for a wide range of car models. The chNikola Salaticoice of one or the other should be directed by your phone model. CarPlay for an iOS system user and Android auto for an Android system user.