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Which Honda vehicles are equipped with Apple CarPlay?

Which Honda vehicles are equipped with Apple CarPlay?

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Flexibility is important when it comes to entertainment options. While Honda's integrated infotainment system is powerful and intuitive, the convenience of a smartphone can sometimes be hard to ignore. Powerful Apple users can stay connected to their iPhones even while driving certain Hondas using the simplified Apple CarPlay utility.

With Apple CarPlay, drivers can make calls, send and receive texts, get directions or listen to their iTunes library hands-free. You can navigate the Apple CarPlay user interface using touchscreen controls or voice commands via Siri.

Apps that work with Apple CarPlay include proprietary iPhone apps (phone, messages, maps, audiobooks and music), and some third-party apps are also available. Not all apps on your phone will work, you need iOS 7.1 or later on an iPhone 5 or newer.


- Accord 2016 - 2021

- Civic 2016 - 2021

- CR-V 2017 - 2021

- Fit 2018 - 2020

- HR-V 2019 - 2021

- Insight 2019 - 2021

- Odyssey 2018 - 2021

- Passport 2019 - 2021

- Pilot 2017 - 2021

- Ridgeline 2017 - 2021


honda apple carplay

Installing Apple CarPlay is a simple process. Simply grab the Lightning cable you normally use to charge your phone and plug the USB end of the cable into an available port. Your pretty Iphone will automatically detect the Honda infotainment system and display a prompt asking permission to connect to Apple CarPlay. When this happens, click the "Allow" button.

In turn, your infotainment system will display a prompt asking for permission to access your phone. This will only happen the first time you connect your phone to the system, and you must select "Always Allow" to prevent the message from appearing again.

On the infotainment system home screen, you'll notice that the button previously labeled "Smartphone" has been replaced with "Apple CarPlay." As you might expect, pressing the "Apple CarPlay" button takes you to the program, which you can then freely browse from there.

For all those Honda owners who are tired of having to plug in their USB cable to get Apple Carplay and not being able to enjoy the wireless technology, thecarplayer.com has the solution. Simply plug our wireless Apple Carplay adapter directly into the USB port of your Honda and the Apple Carplay functionality (already present in your vehicle) will finally become wireless thanks to Bluetooth/Wifi technology.

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