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Activating Carplay in a 2018 E-Class

Activating Carplay in a 2018 E-Class

carplay activation classe e

To address the concern of users who would like to use their iPhone while driving without the risk of breaking the law or causing an accident, Apple has developed the Carplay application. This application allows users to connect their iPhone to their vehicle. However, many users find it difficult to do so. Here's a simple procedure to activate Carplay in a 2018 E-Class.


Carplay is an iOS application integrated into the E-Class system that allows you to access certain features of your iPhone without having to manipulate the screen of the latter. Here you can see the features of Carplay.

With this application, you can:

  • Make a phone call;
  • Use the Siri voice command;
  • Send a text message by voice command;
  • Listen to music, podcasts or other audio content;
  • You also have the possibility to track a GPS.


Before you think about installing the Carplay application, you should know that it is only compatible with fifth-generation Apple models. To do so, you have two options. You can connect directly via USB cable, or you can use a Bluetooth connection. This activation works for the NGT5S1 versions.

Connection with an USB cable

To make this connection, you just need to have a cable that works and then connect it to the console of your E-Class. Then you connect the other end of the cable to your iPhone and that's it. Be careful! This connection process will not recharge the battery of your device, at best, it will keep the initial charge.

You'll know the connection is established between your iPhone and your E-Class if the Carplay menu appears on the vehicle's screen. To activate Apple Carplay, you must first activate the "hidden engineer" menu. Once you have access to this menu, you go to "system", then to "logging", then to "enable log marks". Now you activate the variant coding option. In this option you scroll through the pages until you land on page 2. At this level, you only have to click on ״on״ at the level of ״Carplay via USB״ and Automotive Link via.

Activation via Bluetooth connection

To start, go to the settings on iPhone to check that the visibility of your smartphone is detectable by other devices. If it is not, activate it. Then on the Bluetooth screen of your E-Class you launch a search for connected devices. This will detect all devices whose connection is activated within a radius of 10m. You must select from the list displayed on the vehicle screen the name of your device and then launch the connection of both Bluetooth.

You must now enter the security number on both screens. A confirmation command will appear on both screens. Validate it to finalize the connection. Once the connection is successful, the Carplay menu will appear on the vehicle screen. If it does not, it probably means that the connection was not successful. So you have to start again.

In the "view" menu, you will see the different features that this system allows you to access. You can then use them as on your device.

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