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Android Auto elected copycat of the year 2022!

Android Auto elected copycat of the year 2022!

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New images of the upcoming Android Auto redesign have leaked, and it looks like Google has taken some notes from Apple CarPlay (via XDA Developers). The redesign, named "Coolwalk," could come with some practical changes, as seen in the images from AndroidWorld and Reddit user u/RegionRat91.

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First, the new design removes the status bar that shows battery life, cell reception and time and places it in the lower right corner of the screen. On the left, meanwhile, is a home button that appears to open retractable widgets when long-pressed. Like CarPlay, the new UI allows you to display maps alongside other maps without having to choose a single app that occupies the main control area, displaying either the map or the music app, but not both. We call this Split Mode.

AndroidWorld also highlighted a possible feature that allows you to reject incoming calls and reply to text messages with just the touch of a button. It's not clear if the message will be predefined or if you'll be able to dictate it using Google Assistant.

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The updated interface also lets you launch your phone on your car's screen, but it's not clear what that will do. As one Reddit user pointed out, the streaming feature doesn't seem to work with copyrighted material from services like Netflix, though mirroring videos via Android Auto while driving is clearly not a good idea.

The first images of Coolwalk appeared last September, but the latest leak shows a more significant change than the previous one. It also puts an emphasis on preventing distractions, just as last year's update began allowing users to choose the first app they see when their phone is connected. It's unclear when the new design will launch. However, we can still say, as a mostly Apple Carplay user, that this design takes a lot of functionality (at least visually) from the Apple firm.

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