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Apple Carplay will be able to control elements of your vehicle

Apple Carplay will be able to control elements of your vehicle

carplay véhicule éléments

Since its introduction in 2016, Apple CarPlay has improved significantly over the default user interface in most cars, but many of our concerns with it and Android Auto stem from their limitations. New features like dual-screen support and third-party apps like Google Maps can help, but much of the driving experience still exists outside of Apple's control panel. Mark Gurman reported for Reuters that Apple's "IronHeart" project plans to tie features like climate control, seat positioning and even some surround sound settings to the iPhone.

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Google has filled that void by striking deals with automakers such as Ford, Honda and General Motors to use Android Automotive as the basis for its user interface. According to Reuters, while Apple's plan requires the participation of automakers, it is not the one that will provide the basis for infotainment systems like Android Automotive.

Instead, Reteurs suggests it could be similar to Apple's HomeKit smart home push, with APIs accessible by devices (in this case, cars) with different levels of control and support for sensor-based communication. Interestingly, in iOS 15, Apple removed several features from SiriKit's API, making its sometimes disappointing assistant less functional than before. This includes commands that can manage those precise settings on compatible vehicles, such as seat position, climate control or audio sources.

If the plan turns into an actual update, it could mean that different cars have different levels of support for the feature, some of which use CarPlay to customize seat positions, and others that don't, but can be configured to your iPhone preferences. climate settings. As the report points out, so far, support for manufacturer-provided CarPlay apps to access these more in-depth control settings has been limited, and only BMW currently supports Apple CarKey.

What does this mean for Apple's not-so-secret car project, Project Titan? Reuters reports that the CarPlay extension doesn't collect data on cars or users, so whatever project Kevin Lynch is currently leading will have to collect useful information through other means. Quite a technical feat that the Cupertino firm will certainly know.

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