Can you watch Netflix on CarPlay?

Can you watch Netflix on CarPlay?

Carplay and netflix

The one thing everyone wants to know is whether you can watch Netflix on your CarPlay. On a stock iPhone you can't. There’s really no more detailed answer here than to say that this isn’t even possible. CarPlay only supports certain apps, and only transmits to the in-car display what those apps tell it to. For obvious safety and legal reasons, Apple will never support video playback via CarPlay

CarPlay was designed to be used by the driver, it gives you access to the features on your phone that you may need while driving : messages, phone calls, navigation or audio playback. It’s not meant for being an entertainment system for your kids or other passengers, for obvious security reasons. So no video. You can play iTunes, podcasts or audiobooks, as these are entertainment activities you can perform while looking at the road.

However, if you are still keen on using Netflix on your screen it is possible and we will take a look on how to do that.

netflix carplay wireless

Watching Netflix via MirrorLink using an iPhone

First, you'll need a jailbroken iPhone, as the CarPlay UI is generated by the iPhone itself.

You can use sites like to jailbreak your phone.

Once you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone you need to add & repositories to Cydia and finally get the Carbridge app.

You can then enable every app for CarPlay you ever wanted to as also delete the ones you never needed anyways.

Watching Netflix via MirrorLink using an Android Phone

MirrorLink allows you to transfer whatever’s displayed on your smartphone to your car’s built-in infotainment system display. Once connected via USB cable or Bluetooth you can control a variety of apps using either a touchscreen, steering wheel-mounted controls or by voice activation.

What do you need?
1. MirrorLink compatible car
2. MirrorLink compatible Android phone version 7 and above
3. Netflix on your phone with an active account
4. Floating Apps for Auto on your phone
5. Active free-form mode and MirrorLink expert
6. The latest version of MirrorDrive installed
7. Know how to do the double MirrorDrive trick.

After you perform the double MirrorDrive trick, you can easily start Netflix using the floating launcher and enlarge it to fullscreen.

You will also need a CarpPlay unit which you can find HERE

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