Carlinkit adapter review

Carlinkit adapter review

Apple Carplay accompanies us on our journeys with unparalleled ease of use. In this article we will see what the Carlinkit adapter is really worth in 2022 on vehicles already equipped with Apple Carplay.


The Cupertino firm created in 2016 the very famous Apple Carplay dashboard integration system. Thanks to the latter, we can finally find all the best applications of our Iphone directly on the original screen of our vehicle such as messages, calls, GPS applications like Waze, Maps, Google Maps, or Spotify and Deezer, ... Apart from the Munich-based manufacturer BMW, all other car brands have wired Apple Carplay, which means that you have to plug your USB cable directly between the vehicle and your iPhone to finally benefit from Apple Carplay.


The Carlinkit adapter was the first on the market. It's a small box with a USB cable that plugs into your vehicle's original USB port, exactly where you plug in your iPhone to get Apple Carplay. Whether you drive a Volkswagen Golf, a Seat or a Mercedes, many brands are compatible with this tool. Easy to use, inexpensive, it offers great features for its price. Thanks to its automatic connection, you will finally be able to enjoy Apple Carplay wirelessly, that is to say, you will no longer need to plug in the USB, it will now connect via Bluetooth.

Available on Amazon for around 130$, it has quickly become one of the leading products in the automotive category.

The main strengths are:

_ plug and play device
_ automatic connection
_ 1 year warranty


The Carlinkit adapter has only one function, to turn a wired connection into a non-wired one as far as Apple Carplay is concerned. It is not compatible with Android Auto, maybe this device will be Google compatible one day. To be continued. Nevertheless, if you still want the best of the technology in terms of adapter, our Canbus device will allow you to have Apple Carplay wirelessly but also to enjoy all the applications like Netflix, Youtube,...

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