Carplay installation tutorial on an Audi A1

Carplay installation tutorial on an Audi A1

interieur audi a1

Here we will see in pictures how to install Apple Carplay in an Audi A1.

Required material: a ratchet with a 8 mm bit and a Torx T20 screwdriver

Installation time: 40-50 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
So we count the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS cables (video), the power cable, the sound cable, and a USB cable (you don't have to connect it if you use the device wireless).


Why dismantle the under-flyer cover? Simply because the connections are made at this level and behind the station (Step 2).

démonter audi q3

Remove the driver's side cover.

vis audi q3

A torx screw.

devisser audi q3 volant

Unscrew it.

cache sous volant audi q3

Then 2 screws hold the under-fly cover.

tirer cache audi q3

Pull the under-flight cover towards you briefly.

connecteur audi q3

Connectors are present.

démontage connecteur audi q3

Remove the connectors.


démonter autoradio audi q3

Insert the extraction keys into the 2 slots provided on the front of the car radio.

tirer autoradio audi

Finally, pull it towards you until it comes out of its housing.


emplacement gateway audi q3

Locate the Gateway below the steering wheel.

gateway audi q3

Plug in the bypass plug.

débrancher connecteur autoradio audi q3

Unplug the power supply (quadlock plug). Note the pink color video plug.

quadlock autoradio audi

Remove the green connector from the Quadlock. (This is for the sound)

prise son autoradio audi q3

Then plug it directly into the green socket provided.

brancher son audi q3

The green male plug provided is to be connected to the quadlock in place of the original green plug. (We simply make a bridge - by-pass)

retirer prise vidéo audi q3

by-pass branchement audi q3

branchement lvds audi q3

Remount the car radio and glove box and enjoy carplay using the buttons on the steering wheel.


interface carplay audi q3

You can test by pressing the NAV button on the steering wheel for 2-3 seconds, it switches to the Carplay interface.

You can also control the Carplay with the touch screen provided in our kit. You don't have to install it, it's an additional comfort.

apple carplay audi q3

Apple Carplay

Link of the module for Audi A1: HERE

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