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CarPlay in a Mini Countryman

CarPlay in a Mini Countryman

carplay countryman

CarPlay is an in-car version of iOS for cars. They work with a lot of car brands and offer plenty of benefits to users. One of the vehicles that fits perfectly with CarPlay system is the Mini Countryman. Why have this in-car system in your vehicle? Let's head into it!


CarPlay accurately mirrors the functionality of the iOS system on your smartphone. For iPhone users, the CarPlay system is even easier to get used to since there is no difference with their iPhone. If you don't use an iPhone, you can still use the CarPlay system. It is very ergonomic and makes life easier for the user if you have a mini Countryman.

The CarPlay system allows you to use all your usual applications. You have access to Siri, Apple's voice assistant that helps you accomplish certain tasks through voice recognition. All your applications like Deezer, Apple Music or spotify are also available. You can listen to your favorite music. The CarPlay Wi-Fi mode allows you to carry your iPhone on the dashboard of your mini Countryman.

Location-based apps are also usable with CarPlay. You'll be able to navigate with the Google Maps app from android or "Maps" from the iOS system. And all of this can be done right on your dashboard. In addition to these many benefits, you can also make calls, send or receive messages. All of this is done securely with voice control.

The CarPlay system also includes many other messaging apps like whatsapp to keep on talking even while driving. In addition to letting you listen to music, CarPlay allows you to listen to your podcast channels or even have all your audio books within listening range.


In addition to being very easy to use, this system is also very easy to install. It does not require any particular expertise. You can install it in your mini Countryman with ease. You don't have to do any wire cutting or adaptations to install your CarPlay system. Setup is as simple as plugging in the connectors on your device with the ones on your vehicle. To install and use CarPlay in your Mini countryman, your vehicle must have an AUX or JACK plug.


The CarPlay system is compatible with a huge number of vehicle brands. However, to connect your iPhone to your car's CarPlay system, you must have a version of iOS 7.1 or higher. To afford an Apple CarPlay module for your mini, you will need to spend between 500$ and 600$ depending on where you buy it. These systems generally have a good warranty that is valid for a minimum of 2 years.

The delivery of the module is free worldwide and the after sales system is able to accompany you after your purchase for any possible situation. The CarPlay module is a plug and play device. That is to say that after its installation, it is automatically recognized by the operating system.

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