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Carplay installation tutorial on Audi Q5 SQ5

Carplay installation tutorial on Audi Q5 SQ5

We will see here in pictures how to install Apple Carplay on an Audi SQ5.

Necessary equipment: a ratchet with 8 bits and 2 Audi car radio extraction keys.

Installation time: 30-40 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
This includes the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the sound cable, and a USB cable (do not plug it in if using the wireless device).


interieur audi sq5

Gently open the compartment with a spatula (supplied by us).

boite à gant sq5

You have to unscrew the first screw.

boite à gant sq5

then 3 screws at the top.

boite à gant sq5

and 2 screws at the bottom.

boite à gant sq5

boite à gant sq5


démontage autoradio mmi audi

démontage autoradio mmi audi


You see the gateway in the picture, you come and plug into it. So we have to disconnect the gateway and connect our power plug and reconnect the gateway with the socket so as to make a bridge.

démontage gateway audi

démontage gateway audi

démontage gateway audi

The power's on, now we go to the front part, the car radio.

arrière mmi audi

It is necessary to connect the wifi antenna as well as the LVDS plugs (pink and grey), it is for the video, the display of the Carplay.

carplay branché

You have to connect the sound through the bridge, just like we did with the gateway before.

son mmi audi

Make a splice in the green cable (next to the blue-yellow)

prise mmi audi

Connect the blue MMI cable (so you can use the MMI buttons when navigating in the Carplay).

prise audio radio mmi

At this level, make a test if the original microphone is used by the Carplay system for Siri for example. Otherwise, simply add the supplied microphone under the steering wheel so that it is discreet.

micro audi sq5

Fix the carplay with a rilsan so that it does not move while driving.  

fixation carplay

Reassemble the radio and glove box and enjoy the carplay by pressing the NAVI button.


carplay audi sq5

Module link: HERE