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Carplay installation tutorial on Mercedes GLC

Carplay installation tutorial on Mercedes GLC

interior mercedes glc


We will see here in pictures how to install Apple Carplay on a Mercedes GLC.

Required hardware: a torx T20 screwdriver.

Installation time: 30-40 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
This includes the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the auxiliary cable, and a USB cable (no need to plug it in if using the wireless device).


how to unclip mercedes glc dashboard
how to unclip mercedes glc dashboard

First of all, start with the opening button, clipped firmly, use a spatula or a thin object to pry it open.

mercedes glc armrest screws
mercedes glc armrest screws

2 screws to be removed

mercedes glc dashboard

The dashboard is no longer fixed anywhere, just pull it up (very easy).

plug mercedes glc

Unplug the white connector.

dashboard side mercedes glc

Then put the dashboard aside so as not to disturb, no need to unplug all the connectors.


remove mercedes glc car radio

Remove the 2 screws

unscrewing of mercedes glc car radio set
car radio mercedes glc
DISP mercedes glc

Identify the outlet marked "DISP" (for DISPLAY).

rear socket for mercedes glc radio station

Remove the power connector (called Quadlock) and the blue "DISP" plug.


cable connection video mercedes

Connect the 2 video cables (LCD-LVDS).

video capture mercedes glc
video capture mercedes glc

Plug the original "DISP" plug into the LCD_OUT socket.

ntg mercedes glc

Connect the pink LVDS cable (LCD_IN) to the blue connector.

quadlock autoradio mercedes glc

Remove the original power plug (Quadlock).

connection quadlock mercedes

Connect the Quadlock with the supplied By-Pass.

connect car radio mercedes glc

Insert the Quadlock plug of the Kit.

apple carplay mercedes c63 amg

Connect the WiFi antenna.

dongle jack

If you do not have a JACK (AUX) jack in your GLC, a USB to AUX adapter is provided.

connection USB AUX

Plug the adapter into one of the USB sockets (here it is plugged into USB number 2).

connect aux usb mercedes

Connect the supplied jack cable to the adapter.

connection aux jack mercedes

audio out mercedes

Then connect the other side of the jack cable to the female AUDIO_OUT connector.

interface media 2 mercedes

Select the USB socket to which you have plugged the adapter (here - USB number 2 ==> Media Interface 2).


Press the RETURN button on your pad for 3 seconds.

The menu appears, select what you want to use : Apple Carplay, Android Auto or Mirror Screen.

carplay mercedes GLC

We chose Apple Carplay which will launch by default, to choose Android Auto for example, click on the MERCEDES application.

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