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E-mail on CarPlay: possible or not?

E-mail on CarPlay: possible or not?

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Without a doubt, CarPlay is the best-selling in-car system in the world, and not for nothing. The functionalities offered by this technology developed by Apple are more and more numerous. For example, the driver can have dozens of applications on board such as Deezer, Spotify, Waze, Maps, Amazon Music, etc. They can also use the Siri voice assistant to make and/or receive calls, have messages dictated, listen to SMS, etc.

What about e-mail? Is it possible to use it on CarPlay? We take a look.


As we made clear above, CarPlay offers drivers dozens of features. But for people who want to read their emails on board and/or send them to their colleagues, this option is unfortunately not available. Why? Because you can't install an email app on Apple CarPlay.

In order to read the email you received in your mailbox and/or send it to a friend, it is better to park the car in a safe place, take your smartphone, tablet or laptop and write the text and/or read the email at your leisure.

Caution! The use of the smartphone in the car is forbidden. Do not attempt to read your email while driving or write an email to your co-worker while driving at 120 km per hour. This can put you in danger.

If you absolutely must read an email or send one to a recipient, pull into the first rest stop. This is the safest option.

But if you really want to have the email option on CarPlay, there is a solution that may please you. Let's explain!


Like CarPlay, MirrorLink is a system that allows drivers to display their smartphone content directly on the dashboard screen. Unlike the technology developed by Apple, MirrorLink allows you to have an email application on the vehicle's touch screen. This way, you can read your emails on board or send them to your colleagues.

MirrorLink also has several free applications such as weather forecasts, a walkman to listen to songs stored on the mobile, a GPS ... and hundreds of web radios. In some vehicles, the in-car system communicates information to the smartphone, such as fuel consumption and average speed.

To use MirrorLink onboard, you need to download the application for your smartphone model. To display the system on the dashboard, simply connect the cell phone with a USB cable, launch the application on the phone and that's it.

For professionals who absolutely want to have email on CarPlay, there is nothing better than choosing a car radio compatible with MirrorLink technology. On TheCarPlayer.com, we have several models at the most affordable price on the market. Whatever the make of your car, we have the module that will please you. To find out more, don't hesitate to visit our online store!

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