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How to use Siri with CarPlay

How to use Siri with CarPlay

How to Use Siri Voice Control with Apple CarPlay in a Mazda Vehicle

One of the added benefits of CarPlay is being able to speak to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, to help interact with your iPhone without lifting a finger or even looking at your CarPlay’s display. This guide lets you know how to set up Siri for CarPlay and just a few interactions you a can use with Apple CarPlay whilst on the move.

Enabling Siri on your iPhone

First make sure you have Siri enabled. If you remember doing the ‘Hey Siri’ tutorial, it is likely you already have Siri set up. If you skipped this and would like to enable Siri for CarPlay, do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Select Siri & Search option
  3. Toggle Listen for “Hey Siri to the ON position
  4. Toggle Allow Siri When Locked to the ON position

Basic Siri functions in the car

Ever find yourself thinking of something in the car and hoping that you will remember it when you park? Whether you need to add something to your grocery list, set a reminder to call someone, or actually make the phone call, you can do all of it without touching your phone. You do it all the same way you would on your phone, with the same commands.

All you need to do is activate Siri, then begin with your voice command. Examples include: "Set a reminder to change lightbulb at 4 p.m.," "Send message to John," and various others depending on what you want to get accomplished.

General knowledge

Whether you want to ask Siri some math, “How tall is Big Ben”, or “What’s the population of the United States”, Siri will have an answer to most of your questions whilst in CarPlay mode. However, the more obscure questions will result in searching the web, which CarPlay will not support.

Music (Apple Music App Only)

If you are an Apple Music subscriber, then playing music via Siri can be a very powerful experience. Simply asking Siri to play an artist, playlist or station is very easy and highly intuitive. Its unfortunate that Siri doesn’t work with some third-party music applications.


Feel the need to find out the latest team result or upcoming sport fixture? Then simply ask Siri and they will keep you up-to-date whilst on the move. No info is displayed on the CarPlay display, but Siri can tell you anything about your favourite team.


Probably the most used Siri feature via CarPlay is interacting with your messages app via Siri. All these are carried over during Apple CarPlay, except any display of messages as text, these are read back to you via Siri.

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