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What is a retrofit?

What is a retrofit?

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As people evolve, so does technology. As a result, newer devices have much more sophisticated features than their predecessors. Retrofitting is the perfect way to update these older designs with the same functionality as the modern ones. Yes, it's possible. So how does it work? What are the criteria that need to be met? This article provides you with all the necessary information on the subject.


It is a kind of renovation that offers old devices the opportunity to enjoy the same privileges as the brand new ones. More precisely, it is about modifying or even restoring brand new functionalities in obsolete systems. This does not change the configuration of the device, however. In plainer terms, a retrofit is used to refurbish any design that can be redesigned. It is used in a variety of areas such as: vehicles, but also systems, machines, tools, mobile telecommunication, real estate and many others. Encouraged by the State, retrofit is necessary to comply with the standard.


This renovation can be envisaged to make a company more ecological or even to improve the living conditions of a given society. The objective of a retrofit would then be to respond more efficiently to the needs of the human being.


If you have a combustion engine car, you can quickly convert it into an electric car, without changing its model. It is therefore very practical to enjoy your car as long as possible. However, not all types of cars can be retrofitted. Only the following vehicles are able to accept this type of retrofit:

  • Type L units: these include mopeds, motorcycles, four-wheelers, etc.
  • Type N: These are trucks and vans designed for shipping goods.
  • Type M vehicles: these are automobiles with at least 4 wheels and are designed to carry passengers.

Of course, all these notions are technical and used for professional purposes of distinctions.

Here, we talk about retrofit for example if we have a vehicle that we would like to modernize with one or more additional options such as the addition of a touch GPS screen, a Carplay module, rear radars, LED lights, ... in fact, everything that can make a vehicle more modern, more attractive for the user in his daily life.

What are the requirements for a successful vehicle retrofit?

As you can see, this achievement is governed by a number of conditions, stipulated by a government decree. This is as follows:

  • Maintenance of the original characteristics of your vehicle

The initial conformity of your device must be maintained. The weight must not change by more than 20%. Also, the battery of your vehicle must be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

  • Respecting the original power of the engine

The goal is not to boost your vehicle. It is rather to redesign it. Thus, the electric motor that is to be used must keep the same capacity as the original engine.

  • A conversion necessarily carried out by specialists

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Not just anyone can do the retrofit of a vehicle. It is undoubtedly necessary to have recourse to persons approved and recognized by the suppliers of retrofit equipment. These professionals must also have a clear and precise geographical location.