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Will Carplay work with iPad?

Will Carplay work with iPad?

CarPlay for iPad feature is not allowed by default. However, there are some tricks and solutions for you to enjoy CarPlay on iPad. There are many versions of iDevices such as iPad mini,  iPad, iPad Air and iPad Pro. And, as CarPlay is one of the most favorite features among iDevice users, iPad users also make searches continuously whether CarPlay is compatible with CarPlay. Let’s see how we can experience CarPlay on iPad with some tricks.

Jailbreak iPad

If your iPad is jailbroken , then CarPlay is just a few fingertips away for you. This is served via an app called Ignition. (This app was referred to as CarPlay Activator previously and rebranded as Ignition) This can be installed easily with Cydia. What you have to do is simply search ‘Ignition’ in Cydia and install it to your iPad.


Once installed, you can click on the Ignition logo, and then, it will open CarPlay on your iPad screen. You can enjoy Siri, Music , Maps and other apps easily while driving. Once you want to switch with your iPad menu, you just have to click on the Ignition icon and that is it.

InCar iOS - Apple CarPlay Alternative

If your iPad is not jailbroken , you have to wait for a  stable jailbreak to enjoy Apple CarPlay. But there are alternative paths for enjoying Carplay

There is a CarPlay alternative app called InCar which can be used on any iPad.

In this app, it simulates Apple CarPlay UI on  the landscape mode of your iPad. So that the CarPlay menu displays on the iPad screen with larger icons. And you can open up those apps as you wish. Another important thing about InCar iOS app is, it serves non default CarPlay apps like Youtube, which are demanded by most of the CarPlay users.


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